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Who is Nurse To Be Martin

Who I am is not an easy question. I have an extensive career in health care and have chosen to go a long way to becoming a Bachelor of Science in nursing because that is what made sense to me. I have started from scratch and learn the basic principals of care before moving on advancing my knowledge.

In the Navy

In Denmark we have conscripted service today it is 4 months. But when i was in the navy it was 12 months, i were in the navy assigned to a ship sailing on the Faroe Islands.

In Denmark we have conscripted service today it is 4 months. But when i was in the navy it was 12 months, i were in the navy assigned to a ship sailing on the Faroe Islands.

In the navy, I got a taste for treating patients. This is where I learned about triage, which is where you assess the patient according to simple criteria, here I expanded my knowledge with first aid at an advanced level. This sparked my interest in learning about patient treatment.

Learn more about conscription in Denmark here

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A navy ship sailing a calm sea while the sun sets behind the ship.
The Danish nave has many different ships, it is a small country with a big navy, compeared to size.

The experience that changed everything

During my posting in the Faroe Islands, I was assigned to assist the onboard doctor. We got a call about childbirth complication on a small island as were too windy for a helicopter to transport her to the hospital in Torshavn we sail out and pick her up.

When we arrive on the island, the ambulance was ready at the dock with the woman inside. We get her quickly transported aboard into the sick ward, she is obviously struggling not to give birth before she got to the hospital. My job during this transport was to assist the doctor he had primary contact with the patient during this transport.

Halfway to Torshavn, the woman could no longer refrain from giving birth, and we, therefore, had to deliver the child in high seas. The floor was rolling, the balance was hard to keep, the woman was continuously falling out of her bunk. This was forming the picture of the place we should deliver her child.

In the adverse conditions, we help her deliver the baby, and the woman gave birth quickly. I had to be the one who should receive the baby since the doctor had to arrange things around the patient. When the child was out, the intercom announced that everyone had to go on the post for docking. In the sickbay, we were more focused on the miracle that had just happened.

That is what got me on track for a health care education since my subsequent feeling had me a little baffeled. I talked to the doctor for a long time about the feeling I was having with being part of something unique, we agreed that my future career was in health care.

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From Soldier to Certified Nursing Assistant

After my time in the Navy, I wanted to be a Registered Nurse since I did not have a high-school degree. I applied for the Certified Nursing Assistant education program in Denmark. This was to build up credit so i could be able to enter the Registered Nursing program.

The education at that time was 1 year and 6 months, where I had to learn learned all about basic nursing and how to take care of people in a professional way. These were all things I quickly learned, in theory, nut i had challenges when it came to practice.

When the training was completed, I got a job in a special home care unit that cared for citizens, that were known with substance abuse and mental illness. I found it exciting to work with several issues at once and help this vulnerable group get the most out of life.

Learn more about the role of a Certified Nursing Assistant here

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Pills should be administered by a nurse if you are not able to do it yourself.
misuse of medication and drugs can have fatal consequences.

From home healthcare over critical care to psychiatry

I wanted to be more than a CNA, after two years as a CNA, I applied to the Licenced Practical Nurse (LPN) Program. An education that in Denmark at the time took 2 years and 8 months, here I learned about more advanced nursing.

With an education in more complicated care, I was now ready to take the world by storm. I got a job in an emergency team, here I worked with critical care nurses. Our task was to take over where the ordinary home healthcare RN didn’t know what to do.

During my time in the emergency team, I learned how to act on my own, make complex decisions quickly and still keep the patient at the centre of my choices. It led me to seek new challenges in another field of nursing.

I subsequently got a job in a psychiatric ward with the condition that I could study for my bachelors’ degree. That is what I do now that I am 1½ years into my bachelor’s degree and have 2 years of psychiatric experience.

Work and study at the same time

I study full time and work full time. I do this while still having time for my son and family. Furthermore, I run my own business, I do it all with pride. But it couldn’t be done if it wasn’t because I have a job supporting me, an opportunity to read on e-learning and a family that’s behind me.
I will make an article on how i do it at a later time, so make sure you keep following the blog.

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