What to do after a bad night

Do not use the snoze button, this will only deley the your morning and turn your morning into stress. Insted you should rise from the bed at your planed time, therby turning the bad night into a positive start on the day.

Spend your lunce in the sun. 20 minnnuts of fresh air and sunlight will help to cheer you up if you then comine it with a brisk walk then you wil stimulate many senses at one giving you a better mood.

Coffee time! It will help you to stay focused and feel better after a rough night. Just remeber that you should stop in time to fall a sleep at night. My recomendation is 6 hours befor you plan to go to bed.

A light dinner a couple of hours before bed time will help you fall a sleep and no nicotine close to bedtime since it will stimulate you.

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