do you nurses duty and laugh

My top 10 nurse memes

Sometimes we nurses needs a good laugh that is why I have assembled my top 10 mems for you to enjoy. As an LPN, i can so relate to this mems, and the closer i come to my bachelor’s degree in nursing, they become even more relatabel.

  • Giving a morning report after a 12-hour skift is like ... ... don't know what to say but I will say something
  • when the doctor ordered something wrong all nurses be like
  • What becoming a nurse is like
  • Friday, Monday does not matter when you work in healthcare
  • The headache you get from trying to interpret the doctor's notes
  • Remembering the wrong male nurse
  • I want you to become the best nurse ever
  • Ninja night shift nurse
  • Night shift nurses be like
  • Nurses ages like

As nurses, we need to use humour to deal with the hard things in our job, so let this post inspire you to bring forth some fun every day in your life.

I know you see weird things every day, but some of the funniest moments come from your best coworkers. Look for the fun every day in your hospital, clinic or where ever you work.

We can’t be serious all the time hopefully this has sparked a burst of joyful laughter from you if so then remember to follow me on social media such as facebook, twitter, or instagram.

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